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Business conditions and Reclaims

Reklamační formulář
Formulář odstoupení od smlouvy


We offer premium service when it comes to reclaims. If the problem can be solved by sending a new part, we send the part on our own expenses.

If you need to fill a reclaim, please do so via our reclaim form or e-mail: radim.balharek@kancelarskezidle.com

Please don‘t forget to send us pictures that cclearly show the problem, so we can see the issue clearly and find solution fast.

After sending the form/e-mail, we will contact you as soon as possible with the solution to the problem.

Business Terms

These business terms apply for buying at online webshop.

In these terms there are described the rights and responsibilities of the seller and buyer. Seller is the owner of online webshop, the company MERCURY STAR s.r.o based in 1. Máje 1162 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm 756 61, Czech Republic. The company is registered in business registry of the Court of Law Ostrava, section C, paragraph 12510.

Seller is a person or a company, that during the signing of the business contract and fulfillment of the contract acts according to their business activity. They are an entrepreneur that directly or through other entrepreneurs sells their products to the buyer, or provide services.

Buyer / Consumer is a person or a company, that during the signing of the business contract and fulfillment of the contract doesn‘t act in their sale or other entrepreneurship activity, they are a person or a company that uses the products or services for other purposes than for entrepreneurship with these products or services.

Buyer / Not consumer is a person or a company, that during the signing of the business contract and fulfillment of the contract acts in the terms of their sale or other entrepreneurship purpose.

By agreeing on the selling contract by putting the product on sale on the internet eshop, the seller is agreeing on their intent of enclosing the selling contract of the product, or services according to presented conditions. From this moment there are mutual rights and responsibilities between the seller and the buyer, that are described in selling contract and business terms, that are part of this agreement.

Reclaim is applying the discrepancy in selling contract, also the right about the responsiblity for faults.

2. Information about selling contract

Information about every step leading to signing the selling contract are clear from these business terms. Buyer has always an option to carefully check the order and correct everything if it is necesarry before sending it.

By signing the selling contract, the buyer agrees, that they read these business terms and that he accepts them. The buyer is accordingly reminded of these terms and has oppurtunity to read them. The agreement is enclosed in english language. Signed contract is archived by the seller for the purpose of fulfillment and is not avaible for third parties.

The prizing of the use of telecommunication services (phone, internet.. ) used for the realisation of the order are charged accordingly, depending on the prizing of the provider of the telecommunication service.

3. Return policy

(Return policy and canceling the order)

Canceling the order and return of the order before 14 days from the date of accepting the order is possible and the consumer has the right to do so.

The buyer or consumer can cancel the order anytime before the expedition of the order, without any recourses.

According to the § 53 paragraph 7 of the citizen law of the Czech Republic, the buyer consumer has the right to cancel the agreement before the 14 days period, that starts at the date of accepting of the product, runs out. They buyer consumer doesn‘t have to state any reason as to why they want to return the product and they will not be sanctioned in any way.

If you decide to return the product, please kindly follow the following instructions:

Along with the goods, send us a paper document, in which you state:

„I am canceling the order from DD.MM.YYYY, Order no. Ob.xxxxx, I want to return the goods and I require return of the paid money to my bank account IBAN: and SWIFTCODE: .“

Please include date and signature.

Discount codes

Only one discount code can be used for one order. Discount code can be used only once in one order.


What are the „cookie“ files ?

Cookies are files or information saved in your computer (or other devices conntected to the internet, such as smaprtphones or tables) while you are browsing the online webshop. Cookie files usually contain the name of the website, from which they are coming from, information about the „length of life“ of the cookie (That means, for how long the cookie file will be saved in your computer) and value, that always represents a randomly generated number.

What are we using „cookie“ files for ?

„Cookie“ files are being used for optimalisation of the website and for showing specific user specific information on a specific device. No identification of the user or computer is not being saved in the cookie file.

How do we use „Cookie“ files ?

There are two types of „cookie“ files being used. „temporary“ and „pernament“. The first of them, temporary files are stored in the users device only until the user closes the website or clsoes the web browser. „Pernament“ files are being stored in the user‘s device for the amount of time set in the attributes of the „cookie“ files or until the user‘s manual removal.


hodnocení, recenze DXRACER

kancelářské židle . com

Email: interiery@kancelarskezidle.com
Tel: +420 603 262 386

Platba při převzetí zboží (Dobírka)

Platba předem

Platba při osobním odběru

Prodejna Praha

MERCURY STAR s.r.o., Primátorská 1008/47, 180 00 Praha 8 Libeň, vzorková prodejna 110 m2
Tel.: +420 607 054 679, E-mail: praha@kancelarskezidle.com

Prodejna Ostrava

MERCURY STAR s.r.o., Nádražní 477/184, 702 00 Ostrava Přívoz, vzorková prodejna 85 m2
Tel.: +420 775 222 422, E-mail: ostrava@kancelarskezidle.com

Prodejna Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

MERCURY STAR s.r.o., 1.máje 2633, 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, vzorková prodejna 210 m2
Tel.: +420 774 732 242, E-mail: interiery@kancelarskezidle.com

Prodejna Bratislava

Kancelárske stoličky.com s.r.o., Hradská 14329/3G, 82107 Bratislava, Slovenská republika, vzorková prodejna 200 m2
Tel.: +421 911 305 980, E-mail: bratislava@kancelarskezidle.com

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