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gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG

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gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG

gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG

Catalogue number: 1035382
Availability: in stock
VAT: 21 %
Price without VAT: 230.58 €
Price including VAT: 279.00 €
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Detailed description pro gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG:

DXRACER OH/FH08/NG of the Formula series is modern ergonomic chair designed for PC users, office workers, gamers and managers.
It provides much needed comfort, safety, ergonomy of seating and design liked all over the world.

Key attributes of DXRACER OH/FH08/NG
- Strong inner steel frame, which serves as the chair's strong and stable base
- High backrest for full back support and support of the right spine sitting angle
- Strong aluminium star base with inlaid colored plastic lines that provides needed stability
- Mechanism tilt for setting up the angle of backrest up to 150 degrees with the option to recline with the backrest set up in any position and with wheel that tightens or loosens the backward tilting tension
- SGS Certified high quality gas lift
- Universal polyuretane covered wheels suitable for all types of floor and carpet. The wheels are solid, silent and safe
- 3D Height-adjustable armrests made from soft polyuretane
- Cushions for headrest and lumbar support, for maximum comfort and ergonomic support of the spine
- Chair upholstery is made from high quality PU
- High-density cold cure foam filling that makes DXRacer chairs comfortable for extended use, especially for durations of 8 hours and longer
- For users up to 180cm high and 130kg of weight
Maximum weight limit of this chair is 130kg. Taking into considiration the width of seat and customers comfort, we suggest to use this for customers with weight up to 100kg.

F Series are medium sized chairs. If you are higher than 180cm or weigh more than 100kgs, we recommend choosing from bigger series such as R, K, I and B.

DXRacer is premium choice for all PC users.
The brand has been the most popular choice among video games players. DXRacer chair are being used  by gamers all over the world, proffesional gamers included. Chairs are being presented on big tournaments like LCK, UMG, MLG. Proffesional e-sport teams SK Telecom T1, Ninjas in Pyjamas, CLG, NaVi, Faze Clan and their fans use their own limited editions of DXRacer chairs.
DXRacer supports player in achieving better gaming performance and better enjoyment of the game thanks to use of high quality materials and ergonomy of seating.

DXRacer in office environment
DXRacer chairs will provide you comfortable ergonomic seating and the space to fully concentrate on your work without back pain. Height-adjustable armrests, adjustable gaslift and backrest tilting mechanism will offer you to set up your chair to satisfy your needs.
Tilting mechanism of the backrest of the chair and locking mechanism of the tilting mechanism will provide you with the possibility of comfortable rest.
Original design and manufacturing quality of the chair will bring you the approval of your colleagues, business partners and all visitors of your office.

Cushions for headrest and lumbar support are now in this series of colors PU leather.

We guarantee a lifetime warranty on the steel structure.

Technical specifications for gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG

Availability: in stock
Height adjustable: yes
Warranty: 24 months
Minimum height of seat: 44 cm
Maximum height of seat: 54 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Armrests: 3D - already included
Maximum height: 129 cm
Minimum height: 119 cm
Width: 37 cm
Depth: sedáku 44 cm
Upholstery by fabric: PU
Upholstery by leather: no
Base: Metal
Mechanism: dxracer
Load: 100kg
Chair is intended for: office managers, gaming etc.

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2016-12-12 07:06:46
známka 5.00 Židle byla zakoupena jako dárek. A musím říct, že velmi potěšil. S židlí velká spokojenost. Velmi pohodlná a kvalita provedení židle také velmi dobrá. Sestavení židle proběhlo bez problému.
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gaming chair DXRACER OH/FH08/NG
279.00 EUR

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